Eres una chica muy bonita (English translation)

English translation

You're a very pretty girl

You're a very pretty girl
I knew it when I touched a boob
It was soft, round and clear
Anyway a very pretty boob
I might date with that girl
I knew it by caressing your buttock
And I said damn. It's a beautiful buttock
I'd like to spread seaweed cream on it
You're doubtlessly a goddess
Because when I saw you laying naked
I thought of asking help to Christ, Allah and Buddha
For our intercourse to be awesome
I deduced that you were someone unusual
By carrying out the sexual act
Becuase it was weird and normal, bizarre and natural
It was healthy, pure, wicked and brutal
But then I changed my mind
Because you passed a bad gonorrhea on me
And I called you dirty, ugly bitch
I blamed you for synthesise the gonorrhea
And now here comes the fun part
Not only my dick itches, I have AIDS
Goddamned pervert, you fucked up my life
My life is going downwards and not upwards
And after all it's all over
What began as a screw, ended in a screw
But though a good screw has killed me
I'll be dust, but dust in love.
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Eres una chica muy bonita

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