Es especial (English translation)

English translation

She's special

I close my eyes and I think I see
Your red lips near my skin
I dream of you and I'm thirsty,
When I wake up I lose the faith,
But one day I'll achieve
To kiss you anytime I wish
Though you can't understand,
I wanna kiss you again, "Mwah"
I gotta kiss you, I gotta hold you,
I think your mouth is of honey.
I say to other girls to talk about me
And to tell you how much I suffered,
When I saw you going on sunday
To skate with another boy.
Toño, forget her...
It's not easy to do
But there are many girls...
The thing is that she's special
Take her to the movies...
She prefers to skate
Well... tell her something...
The thing is that I forget to speak
She's special, she's special...
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Es especial