Estar soltero (English translation)

English translation

To be single

Summer comes and you go crazy
And though you have a couple you gaze everywhere
You don't know how to contain
Those crazy desires of screwing
And you wanna scape anyhow
Asking your dear for a truce wouldn't be wrong
The summer is for enjoying
And it's a great moment to tell your couple to fuck off
To be single
To not give a fuck at all
I leave you, though I love you
Maybe we'll get back on winter
To be single
To not give a fuck at all
I'm the most partier when I'm drunk
When the cold is back I wait for you
Looking for ways to scape
I let the facebook chat open
I let you see my whatsapp
I left the doible blue tick
And five days later
I replied shitting at the restroom
And it's not that I want to abandon you
If you want it I lie and say
"Give me some time to think"
The summer is for enjoying
Giving your dear some vacations
And start to party
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Estar soltero