Etmadet El Eideen | اتمدت الايدين (English translation)


Etmadet El Eideen | اتمدت الايدين

اتمدت الايدين
هربت دموع العين
واتسمر الزمن
ما بين العاشقين
لا سألته نعمل ايه
ولا قالي هنروح فين
وهما الكلمتين
اه هما الكلمتين
قاللي مع السلامه
وانا قلت مع السلامه
وماتت الابتسامه
وبردت الايدين
أهين يالله السلامه
من ده اليوم الحزين
ده كان وداع فقير
ميلقش بالجراح
ولا بالحب الكبير
ولا بالحلم اللي راح
ده كان وداع فقير
ميلقش بالحكايه
وكأنه خيط حرير
قطعناه من البداية
ع الأرض في ضلين
جريح في ريح جريح
وكانهم فرعين
رقصوا في قلب الريح
افتح يا قلبي بابك
للريح وللعذاب
قلوبنا العاشقين
بينتهوا أغراب
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English translation

The Hands Were Stretched Out

The hands were stretched out
The tears of our eyes slipped away
And time froze between two lovers
I didn't ask her "What should we do?"
Nor did she tell me where we would go
And after a few words
oh, just a few words
She said goodbye
And I said goodbye
The smile died
And our hands grew cold
Woe is me and good riddance
to this sad day..
It was a poor farewell
that is not fitting for the wounds
nor for our great love
or even our dream that slipped away
It was a poor farewell
that is not fitting for our tale
It's as though it was all a silk thread
that we've cut from the start
On the ground there's two shadows
Two wounded [lovers] standing side by side
It's as though they are two branches
Dancing amid the wind
Oh my heart, open your doors
to the wind and to the pain
Our hearts that are lovers
are to end up as strangers..
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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