At first glance

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At first glance (English) — Von außen

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"At first glance' means 'your first impression'. Like: At first glance, she seems like a nice person. Once you know her better - well, she isn't. RWA - moose amos 1 month ago

At first glance — с виду

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"At first glance" in lyrics

that I should not feel alone
that to be alone is best
than to live in an illusion
I asked a question to an artist of love at first glance
He said it was all a mistake
what will be of a novelist with out love in lie but a realist

Arcángel - For loving blindly

At first glance, I found you
As if I had called
DNA in my blood vessel tell me
I'm the one I've been searching for

Our encounter is the mathematical formula

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - DNA

You came, like a gentle summer rain on the skin.
So strange, and at first glance, totally familiar.
You and I, and no one else.
All around us was a world of light.

Helene Fischer - In the middle of Paradise

You came and told me that you don't believe in anyone
You prefer to be free with someone and tied
Soon you knew me and at first glance
I knew that I would love you and know I love you more thna anything
I'm in love, you in love

Chino y Nacho - My Ideal Girl

At least try them..

The spark
that we see at first glance
The spark
that twinkles in your eyes

Yannick Noah - Be brave

You know someone said that the world's a stage
And each must play a part.
Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart.
Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glance
You read your lines so cleverly and never missed a cue
Then came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strange

Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?

An arrow entered my heart and it will stay there the arrow (arrow),
Hold my hand and give me a kiss, put me in shock (shock),
At first glance I thought he would be mine but he destroyed our love,
But there is another girl and she got bored of these games also.

Hadi İnşallah (OST) - Hopefully One Day

And I, from the very first minute, knew that you will be my husband, the father of my child.

At first glance, you thought this will end as usual,
And I, at first glance, knew I had chosen you well.

Understand it any which way you want,

Severina - The thirties

She records in her room, dancing in front of the mirror
And puts it the Internet, how cheeky she is, dancing Love and Sex (sex)
Moves her bombshell of a body
At first glance it's seen that she's addicted, addicted, addicted, addicted, addicted, (sex, sex)

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - My Neighbor

And bye bye matador

Everywhere the same hope
And at first glance
Everywhere the same end
Everywhere the same sorrow

Alizée - Happy End

Once again you cast your spell
You got the look, the hair, the cheeks
That knock the guys right off their feet
You're like an angel at first glance
Get every guy to join your dance
But when you ask for more, for love,

LaFee - Little Princess

Is there love at first glance?
The answer is: Yes!
Why do I fall silent;
Were you my road to happiness?
How come I'm not following?
Why am I not saying anything?

Rosenstolz - Two Seconds

I am
a new man
so new that you can see at first glance I'm the new conformist.

Giorgio Gaber - The Conformist

Zest for life means Botox horror ¹
And what really matters?
Because the time in which we live
Is A.O.K. at first glance
On the second, everything falls apart
But the makeup looks just right

Bosse - Please Don't Panic

Facebook, Facebook everyday I kept searching,
Facebook, Facebook is where I found this girl,
Facebook, Facebook she caught my eye at first glance,
Facebook, Facebook I guess I fell in love.

İsmail YK - Crazy

The first trip befall a charter to the South,
hard shifts, bad sleep and malaria.
The lighthouses in India are weird
and hard to spot as they say at first glance.

Past Adam's bridge in southern China,

Thanos Mikroutsikos - Black Stream

The kids don't stand a chance

I didn't like the business,
But that was at first glance
Your pillow feels so soft now
But still you must advance

Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

Don't explain,You must understand,More than words.
It's the induction,It's the firmly believe.
It's the resonance of the heart
At first glance recognize it,Love do not need to explain.

Because love is love.

Jason Zhang Jie - I love you,Don't explain

It's better to look for the light
Than to point at the storm

I know that at first glance
It seems unbearable and vain to you
To have for only point of view

Les Vulgaires Machins - To Point At The Storm

There's no more chasin' rainbows
And hopin' for an end to them
Their arches are illusions
Solid at first glance
But then you try to touch them (touch, touch)
There's nothin' to hold on to (hold, hold)

Lana Del Rey - Get Free

Maybe you know me so that at first glance
And I know that you believe in what the people say
It's difficult to explain, I can demonstrate

No, this isn't me, no
No more lies

Allison - Sincerely Me

Two hours have passed and we are in the air
It's clear that between us we are being pushed together from wall to wall
You order a red cocktail and tell of a dream
Dive into your eyes at first glance

Another drink drinking together holding hands

Moshe Peretz - Flight 5325

I'm working in a karaoke bar

There's no secret
You seemed so shy to me at first glance
But it was just the first impression..
We had all of that - roses, walking in the park

PaNaMo - Coming to you

Dark days you make me, white are my nights
Why do you behave so like Eva, if you don't like the apples
I want to be mine forever like at first glance

You know that without you the life it's empty

Delia (Romania) - Fare you well

Thanks, how sweet of you!

I saw the most beautiful woman that ever attracted me
And it was true love at first glance
I felt like she already returned my feelings in silence
And thought: Man, how lucky you are again!

Udo Jürgens - Thanks for the flowers

She can hang me up on that rack, big ol' tits
Like Anna Nicole Smith
Body's bananas and sass to go wit'
I spot you at first glance and go "shit!"
You wearin' those pants that don't fit
That butt won't ever give up

Eminem - Remind Me

Laurel<fn>Name of the nymph Daphne. Is a minor figure in Greek mythology known as a naiad—a type of female nymph associated with fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater.<a href=""&gt; [Reference].</a></fn>, enchanted lady
Your father<fn>The god of Pineios river of Thessaly</fn> who wanted to save you
You are pure<fn>She was a virgin as Artemis, goddess of the hunt. She was most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. (She was known by The Romans as Diana)<a href=""&gt; [Reference].</a></fn>, O daughter of hunting<fn>It refers to Artemis, again</fn>
The beloved man<fn>It refers to the god Apollo, the twin brother of Artemis.<a href=""&gt; [Reference].</a></fn>, who don't failed to capture to you<fn>Eros shot to Apollo a golden arrow and fell in love with Daphne at first glance, 'cause Apollo taunted him as an archer.<a href=""&gt; [Reference].</a></fn>

Beloved man, listen me very well:

Phantasmagoria (United States) - The Laurel and The Beloved Man

(How am I going to open the door to your heart? (repeat for the song: how will I open it))

Pehli takni’ch (At first glance) mein dull gayi (I “melted”/“poured”/“fell for you”) tu ki jaane (what do you know) pyaar mera (my love)
(I fell for you at first glance; you don’t know the extent of my love)

Dholna hai dholna - 2

The PropheC - Dholna by Raashi Ft. PropheC, LYRICS TRANSLATION:

Ring with diamond
Lights the way
At first glance everything 's OK!
But it's horrible in fact...

Marica Nicolska - Unfair Bride

'Cause it was love at first glance
(at the first glance)
Love at first glance
'Cause it was love at first glance

Wolfgang Petry - My Life Means Music

Like birds, we perch on different branches
And fall asleep in the metro

From Altufyevo to Prazhskaya[fn value=4]Altufyevo - northernmost station of the Moscow Metro; Prazhskaya - a station in the south; according to Google Maps, the trip on the metro takes around one hour[/fn], it only seems far at first glance
We carry Moscow's secrets along the secret branches of the metro
Not finding the proper words and not knowing any other chords

Visokosniy God - Metro

Establish the connection.

Often things seem impossible at first glance.
Sometimes they are, yet it would be deadly,
To believe it, even when nothing is certain,

Die Sterne - Establish the connection

At first glance like that
I recognised you from far
I couldn't think about anything else
but how to kiss you for once
but one can get used to everything
because I know you didn't care

Traffic (Estonia) - Shadows

The only thing I have is my love for you

Have no money, have no luck
Even if they like you at first glance
Later it will be a question of the finances
Because madame likes dresses from Paris

Max Hansen - I have no car

Expanded to the scientific love
Convinced that all this will happen as scheduled

At first glance your face
Bit by bit I fall completely
I always full into a stupor

Silence Wang - Heartbeat

Cupid love

Your mind which is blooming in the light
I can find it at first glance, It’s like a Pandora’s box
A silhouette like a picture in the mirror
I’m calling you

LOONA (South Korea) - Eclipse

Lost in a trance
All downfalls they come in advance
Life is a deadly romance
But you might get fooled at first glance
I'm passing through aging halls
While I'm waiting for the curtain call

Sirenia - Decadence

Give me a reason to let you down
To touch me, let me let you

At first glance, it's just blue
You did not know I was a smart little head
And badwa, all these stories because I do not care

Feminnem - A million reasons

In a disillusion ocean
And I don't show my emotions, no
I don't show my emotions, no
Even if I were the evil, I'd choose you at first glance
To come along with me you have to stay outside
Then we shout to each other for idiot reasons

lowlow - Incomplete

Who walks in her red hood alone.
But even to the wolf it is clear, it's dangerous to play with her.

At first glance she is...

Alisa Kozhikina - Riding Hood

At one point, during my walk
A young boy called me over
At first glance he looked prim and proper
And offered to guide me around the city.

Raffaella Carrà - Pedro

And my dream enters within
You would put your blood in my veins

At first glance sweet and submissive
And you know how to be modern and persuasive
But at home you're never,never the same

Julio Iglesias - To Make a New Life

Until six in the morning

It's my way to be yours and flee from getting drunk on pride and fear.
At first glance there's no life in the sea but it's there in the depths.
It's my way to be just a dot or little light in your dreams.
Tell your mother to open the balcony door to scare off this curse.

Dusminguet - The ways

I’m a nice kid and the world ain't
Got the knapsack, and a fat sack
Said I’m gonna quit today, ha ha, fat chance
And at first glance, I’m so small and cute
Haven’t seen me pukin', drunk on my own shoes
I’m a big slob, I got a big job

Princess Nokia - Goth Kid