with flying colors

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with flying colors (English) — To excel in something, often used when referring to tests, jobs or another type of duty. For example: to pass a test with flying colours

English, explained by Safyra on Sat, 17/02/2018 - 07:25

with flying colors — Faire quelque chose facilement, haut la main

French, explained by Floppylou on Sun, 11/02/2018 - 12:57

with flying colors — Сделать (Закончить) что-то блестяще, успешно, на отлично.

Выйти победителем, с честью из какой-либо ситуации.

Russian, explained by Ze_Om777 on Sat, 10/02/2018 - 09:06

"with flying colors" in lyrics

I will get out of your mind.
Would you leave me out with flying colors?


Block B - Movie's Over

If you don't like it
Go run and see it on Face (Facebook)
I earn passing grades in life
With flying colors
If you're ready
You'd better fall in love (listeners)

Mala Rodríguez - When You Turn Me Off

He spoke direct, bold language; from freedom, nothing else
Many were angry when they heard his mouth

You can go free, with flying colors
It seems as though you can be free
It seems as though you can be free

Mari-Leen - You Can (Be) Free

Please don’t worry Nancy, all my weed is organic
If my children end up smoking, I whip they ass if they don’t pass it
Hol’ up , I just got a package
I let my bitch test it, with flying colors passed it
Burning money fast, like fire on the plastic
You a dead man walking, throw some tires on your casket

Lil Wayne - Preach

It's long and full of loneliness

And now, to finish the year 2011 with flying colors
I suggest you leave us ... in song
Maestro! Musica

Orelsan - Greeting of Raelsan for 2012

Immature behavior on my part, I swar to you that I regret that
I got an air bed, let's go off the coast for a bit
And I catch a glimpse of her bare butt
Your body is ready for the swimsuit season, you pass with flying colors
That alone starts turning me on
I'm about to faint, take me as a compliment

Briga - Kiss me

You're for snatching, precious
you're so attractive
you're so pretty and graceful
that you show with flying colors your high-class spark
you're so proud and succcesful
that you show loving your chispera [fn]From the working class[/fn] grace.

Los churumbeles de España con Juan Legido - Three times pretty

If I survive from this

Alone with Maxie like it used to be
School beats this with flying colors
It's gonna explode soon
A tear is gonna fall from my eye

- Along the highway

When I always saw her daily back then
She was the fairest girl in the suburb
And every moment I wanted her more
That loveliest lady enchanted me with flying colors

When I heard those news

Kari Tapio - Fifteen summers

See you on the other side
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and die
Graduate from Holloman high
With flying colors
Whoa, say goodbye
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and die

Turbonegro - Hurry Up & Die