with flying colors

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Meanings of "with flying colors"


To excel in something, often used when referring to tests, jobs or another type of duty. For example: to pass a test with flying colours

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Faire quelque chose facilement, haut la main

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con successo, brillantemente

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Сделать (Закончить) что-то блестяще, успешно, на отлично.

Выйти победителем, с честью из какой-либо ситуации.

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"with flying colors" in lyrics

Block B - Movie's Over

I will get out of your mind.
Would you leave me out with flying colors?

Mala Rodríguez - When You Turn Me Off

Go run and see it on Face (Facebook)
I earn passing grades in life
With flying colors
If you're ready

Mari-Leen - You Can (Be) Free

Many were angry when they heard his mouth

You can go free, with flying colors
It seems as though you can be free

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

Talking to you is pointless
If there would be a test in treachery you would ace it
You'd come in first place and pass with flying colors

Lil Wayne - Preach

If my children end up smoking, I whip they ass if they don’t pass it
Hol’ up , I just got a package
I let my bitch test it, with flying colors passed it
Burning money fast, like fire on the plastic

Orelsan - Greeting of Raelsan for 2012

And now, to finish the year 2011 with flying colors
I suggest you leave us ... in song

Briga - Kiss me

I got an air bed, let's go off the coast for a bit
And I catch a glimpse of her bare butt
Your body is ready for the swimsuit season, you pass with flying colors
That alone starts turning me on

Los Churumbeles de España - Three times pretty

you're so attractive
you're so pretty and graceful
that you show with flying colors your high-class spark
you're so proud and succcesful

Turbonegro - Hurry Up & Die

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and die
Graduate from Holloman high
With flying colors
Whoa, say goodbye

Kari Tapio - Fifteen summers

She was the fairest girl in the suburb
And every moment I wanted her more
That loveliest lady enchanted me with flying colors