Forever with You (每天) (English translation)

English translation

Forever with You

Oh Yeah, Baby
Smiling faces look up in the sky
Thinking of each other’s pictures
Every day, memories of being together remain
As we hold hands, it turns into eternity
I believe in the destiny of existing for you
We’re getting familiar with depending on each other
I remember the first day we met
With a shy face, I started my destiny
You smile at me in my eyes
Encouraged me to believe that my dreams could come true
Every day, I need you
I have this belief that has never changed
Sometimes when you feel lonely
When you are not happy
Set sail to your dreams as you sing loudly
Spread your invisible wings of hope
Sometimes when you’re under the rain, when it doesn’t stop outside the window
You can stay with me because it’ll be good weather
I think I can bring you happiness in the world
I can connect with your heart with the music of love
I’ll write you a sweet message
Close your eyes and feel with your heart, I’m on your side
Every day is constantly changing
Only you can understand the language of my heart
The music of sadness and joy
I’ll happily walk in front of your smiling face
When it all comes back to square one
Have the faith and efforts of the youth
With joy and a sweet heart just be yourself!
As we are in each other’s worlds
I’ll write you a sweet message
Close your eyes and feel with your heart
I’m on your side
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Forever with You (每天)

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