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So... There is a song I am like in fairly (I don't think you can call it desperate... but yeah idk) ... Eager lets say!!! Bcz I heard an Arabic song and it was like not more than 2 times, none of the times was it saved or bookmarked. So basically it makes me off and on sad that I don't know the song, because you know when you Really TRULY LOVE a song right, like you kinda can struggle to properly enjoy life and stuff. So yeah to get to what I remember of the song ....

1. The male is the one singing it, but he is accompanied by a girl in her 20s and he is maybe around that age 20-30s something. Not that much and also I think it's Fairly recent song. Maybe years. But not very very old. Also it's NOT some dude like Amr Diab or some other dumb dumb. Lol. Basically his height (if that helps) was of similar height to the female like lets say 5.5-5.9 between there. Weight idk maybe like 75 give or take a couple kg. Since his looks are strong built, but not very slim.

2. He wore a white shirt, with some blue jeans I believe medium dark in color, and the girl had some light outfit on as well. Jeans and maybe jeans vest with idk some top underneath. If I am not mistaken of her. Her hair reached down to like below shoulders, arm pits lengthy, very smooth hair as the guy. Lol... Well let's get to me

3. Sooo. 3 and the most easy one Maybe is that they were walking around a Horse-stable-place and I think they were in the video filmed holding hands and such.
In many of the clips as well they recorded some horses. Mostly it was one White one, and they were inside the enclosure with the horse I believe, as the camera shifted between the horse running round and round in the circles of enclosure and the "couple" being lovey dovey LOOOL. So yeah. I AM KINDLY KINDLY seeking some people's advice here to suggest me link or names where I can find this song!!!! Because it's REALLY sooooo beautiful.

Need help to find it since the guy who initially found it and showed me doesn't remember it currently either. I have asked soo... many times too!!! Anyone with some ideas?
Maybe some link of a site where LITERALLY maybe "All" Arabic artists (male) are? Because I am pretty sure I can remember his and her face too if I see him!!!!

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Ok hi! I’ve spent the past hour looking for this music video and I feel like I watched it?? but cant remember what the name of the song or the singer lol anyways I managed to find a link of all Arab singers (sadly couldn’t find one with only men in it) but I hope it helps you!!

if you need any more help please tell me or if you managed to find the mv please let me know as well bc i’m very curious lol

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I REALLY wanna help here! Cause I feel you! So let me know is it this guy?

Or this?

I’ll look for some more, can you remember the tympo of the song? Was it slow? Or fast beats?

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