Understanding the refrain in Soapkills' Cheftak

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I'm curious about "شفتك عشفتا, شفتك كشفتك". The words
sound very similar, (i.e. cheftak) but the consonants are rearranged to form
the sentence "I saw you, your lips on hers, you are busted."

Does this alliteration rely on a non standard use of the words, i.e. it's
meaning is shoehorned into the lyrics?

Anyway it does create a very catchy refrain. I guess this alliteration is
part of the beauty of the song? Is this type of wordplay common in Arabic
language or music?

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I think it has more to do with the song being sung in the Levantine (i believe) dialect used in Lebanon and Syria, nonetheless "wordplaying" is quite common in both literal arabic and the used dialects, as "cheftak" could mean both "Your lips" or "saw you".

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