Can anyone help me with this transcription?

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Hi! Could any of y'all help me with the transcription of the male portion in this song, please?

I have submitted the request but facing problems with my PC

The name of the song is Algo de Ti by Paulina Rubio ft. Wyclef.

Thank you in avance.

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Someone submited lyrics for my request bit they are only in Spanish and in the Vídeo link I posted there is an English portion, could any of you transcribe it, please?

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I have an update;

This is what i could make out :

Puerto Rico
Pue... puerto Rico

Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the.. oh
Look... yeah
Pop the full cheese
Or you gonna do the Techno of it
Tech's about the R.E.F.U.G.E
It gets in here from Saint Dennis.
You ain't even close to with the raps
in the road.
Don't be back 'cu your broke
Let me clear my throat aha aha
Put me flow
And time to sing the song

Let be a clap from the back, all together

Here we go, c'mon c'mon

Mira amiga, buenos días señorita.
¿Cómo está usted y su familia?

Everybody clap! Clap! ... C'mon

1 B.U. I see you baby



Paulina in da house
Western Union
Happy mother's day, baby

I'll see you Rubio!

These are the parts another user here in LT helped me to transcribe but both olf us are not sure.

Or you gonna do the Techno of it -> Or you gotta do the Techno beat
It gets in here from Saint Dennis -> E gets CD from Saint Dennis

Please, somebody help 'cause I have been struggling with this transcription for long time!!

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