Favorite songs?

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Which are your favorite songs?

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Hi ! james blunt You're Beautiful
Passenger Let Her Go
sam smith
Nelly Furtado
Lana Del Rey .....
sia ..............
Rihanna ............
Rag'n'Bone Man
Dua Lipa .........................i didn't finish yet *lol* Kiss

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Awesome songs! Regular smile
R.I.P. Avicii Sad smile

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Thank you legends never really die he will stay in our hearts Sad smile Sad smile

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My favourite singer is Birdy. My Top 5 songs from her are:

1) Lifted
2) Hear You Calling
3) Not About Angels
4) Keeping Your Head Up
5) Wild Horses

More singers will follow. Wink smile

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I also liked Wings by Birdy. Her voice is so peaceful. I love her! Wink smile

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Man, this is difficult!
I'd say my favorite, faaaavorite songs are:
Kairo and Koi by LACCO TOWER (I really can't decide which one I like more, both are beautiful songs!)
Shine a Light by BANNERS
and finally November Rain by Guns N' Roses.

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In no particular order:

Georges Brassens: Santa and the little girl. A beautiful song about integrity.
Pauline Croze: When I am drunk. Really nice French and a catchy tune.
U-Piter: A girl walks through the city barefooted. A good example of the surreal poetry full of beautiful images you can find in many Russian lyrics
Leïla Huissoud: The bar. The girl wrote this when she was about 16. Impressive storytelling, emotional singing, beautiful French. She's really good.
Fauve ≠: Sainte Anne. That's the name of the most famous mental institution in Paris. Listen to the song and, hopefully, you'll know why...
Anaïs Mitchell: Why we build the wall. Written long before the other buffoon actually considered building one.
The Smith: I know it's over. Beautiful song about breakup, self-respect, and love, in a peculiar sort of way Regular smile
Mickey 3D: Death of the people. These guys are redeeming the honor of French rock, albeit in a somewhat depressive way!
Boris Grebenshikov: Hangdog waltz. An icon of Russian rock. Like a few other great bands (DDT, Piknik...), his lyrics can be a bit obscure at times, but these ones are relatively easy to follow.
Laïda: Boulevard Raspail. I'm not a fan of this singer, but I find this particular song very pleasant.

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The Bride/Black Mamba
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The Bride/Black Mamba
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This is a tough task...
Pink Floyd: High hopes, Learning to fly
Fabrizio De André: Il bombarolo, Il suonatore Jones, La città vecchia, Un chimico, Un matto (dietro ogni scemo c’è un villaggio)
Epica: Omen (the ghoulish malady), Chasing the dragon
Nightwish: Escapist, Élan

I'm pretty sure I should be face palming for having left out something extremily important...I just don't know what it is yet...

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Jenny was a friend of mine by The Killers
Der Kommissar by Falco
Price of love by White Lies
Gravity by Coldplay
Happier by Ed Sheeran
Jeanny by Falco
Enola Gay by OMD
Mother by Pink Floyd
Ruby by Foster the people
Wonderful life by HURTS
I'll be calling you by Blue October
Travelin' soldier by Dixie Chicks
Who is it by Michael Jackson
Vietato morire by Ermal Meta
Mandy by Barry Manilow
Θα πεθάνω ένα πένθιμο του φθινοπώρου δείλι
Ο ταχυδρόμος πέθανε

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Here's a list of my favourite songs for the moment (I might have forgotten some really good ones), so hard to make choices...

Ikävä by Pave Maijanen
Maybe Not by Cat Power
Le Sud by Nino Ferrer
Avec le temps by Léo Ferré
L'Éternel féminin //equally// Rimes féminines by Juliette
Le vent nous portera by Noir Désir
Hetki on kaunis by Haloo Helsinki!
Come neve by Giorgia
Piha ilman sadettajaa by Zen Café
Lottovoitto by Maija Vilkkumaa
Polaris by Chisu
Varanda Suspensa by Céu
Città vuota by Mina
Doppelleben /or/ Schwarz, weiß, grau by Elif
Хочешь? by Земфира (Zemfira)

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My favorite singer is Irina Bilyk, a Ukrainian singer
My favorite of her works (I like a lot of hers, just to name a few:) ):
Зеркала, Киёв-Ленинград, Не Цiлуй, Зима, Боже Мой, Греческая, Рассвет, Anioł, Twoje Dłonie, Nie Dziś

My favorite of other artists:
Everglow by Coldplay
Sleep Alone by Eason Chan
Lost in the Rain, Украïна це ти, Тиха нiч (Ukrainian version of Silent Night, hers is my favorite) by Tina Karol
Снег, Благодарю by Olga Gorbacheva
Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley
Pozovy menya po imeni (Позови меня тихо по имени), A zori zdes' tikhie (А зори здесь тихие) by Lyube
Rozbitkowie by Edyta Bartosiewicz

I might have left out some of them. It's just so hard to list them all. Teeth smile
Here is a collection related to favorite songs which you might also be interested in. Wink smile

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obviously my username lol i love this song sososo much. and this song and this and this and this and a million others

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The current songs that have been played the most in my iTunes library:

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The wind that blows in the forest...
The rain that falls on the leaves of trees...
The sea waves which crash along the rocks...
This is the best song for me.

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The Bride/Black Mamba
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SiHo_92 wrote:

Gummy Bears Tongue smile

You might enjoy this, then Teeth smile

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Maria Kritikou wrote:

One of my favorite tracks from Pink Floyd!
At least one hundred years ahead of their time...

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petit élève wrote:
SiHo_92 wrote:

Gummy Bears Tongue smile

You might enjoy this, then Teeth smile

Ha, great! Teeth smile

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Georges Brassens: La fille à cent sous
Françoise Hardy: J'ai jeté mon cœur
Édith Piaff: Les Deux Ménétriers
Juan Pardo: Anduriña
Trío Calaveras: Plegaria guadalupana
Tom Lehrer: We'll all go together when we go
Michael Flanders
Hamish Henderson: Freedom come all ye
Ciarán Bourke and Luke Kelly: Preab san ól
Iarla Ó Lionáird (& 5 others): Mo Ghile Mear
Ferruccio Tagliavini: È la solita storia del pastore
Lauritz Melchior: Morgenlich leuchtend im rosigen Schein (the PreisLied from Wagner's Die Meistersinger)
Piotr Beczala: Im fernem Land (the Graalserzahlung from Wagner's Lohengrin)
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Leb wohl (Wotan's farewell to Brunhilde from Wagner's Die Walküre)
Mario Del Monaco: Dai campi, dai prati (from Boito's Mefistofele)
Ettore Bastianini: Nemico dalla patria (from Giordno's Andrea Chénier)
Na h-Òganaich: Mal na Mara
Màiri NicArtair: Tuireadh nan Treun
Eric Bogle: No Man's Land
Eric Bogle: And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Michael Flanders and Donald Swann: A song of the weather
Michael Flanders and Donald Swann: The hippopotamus song

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Il Volo's songs Regular smile as general ! but I have a lot of favourite songs in many language Romanian , Spanish , Italian , English , Hind, Turkish & Arabic !! which language do you prefer ? to send You some songs in it Regular smile

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