[SOLVED] [CLOSED] Help translating song to English? 'Ô Paon - Sainte Patronne de Rien Pantoute'

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Hey! Hey! So basically there's a song I've been listening too for a while now by the late Geneviève Castrée, and there are no lyrics online for it? Due to my love of the vocals, guitar etc, I'd love to be able to actually know of what she's singing about. If anybody could translate this song for me, it'd be such a help! I can understand if not as it involves actually listening to the song and typing it out yourself, but if anybody had the time it'd be greatly appreciated. Many thanks x

[Link to song]

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Please do not request for translations/song lyrics in forums. You can ask for them in forums only if you had requested a translation/transcription and no one responded for a long time. I'd advise you to make a transcription request now as it seems we don't have this song in our database.
And after someone fullfils it, then you can make a translation request. This might be helpful

Futhermore, please read our Website Rules and FAQ.

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