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Please tell me how to translate the line "C’est beau comme vu d’ici on a tous l’air pareil" to English? I don't understand what is "C’est beau comme vu" :С

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If I'm not mistaken it's the phrase "C'est beau comme vu d'ici" you want, which would mean "It's beautiful as seen from here".
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"beautiful view from here, everybody seem's same"

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i think it would be like "it's nice from here, we all look the same (as in an equal level, no inferior or superior).

The way it's written makes it sound like the person is looking from above complimenting the view, then making a comment on how we all look the same from that view.

Of course this is literal, but I hope this helps you. Regular smile

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A bit late to answer maybe, but the meaning is rather "It's a beautiful thing that, seen from there, we all look the same", i.e. the beauty lies in the fact that people all look the same from that vantage point.

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