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Back in the early 90's, there was a song I'd hear on the local FM radio station from time to time. It wasn't a spectacular song, and I didn't particularly like it - it was done in the style of "alternative rock", sort of like Green Day or Smashing Pumpkins, which I didn't much care for - but lately it's been bugging me.

I don't remember the name of the band. I don't remember the name of the song. I [I]do[/I] know a few lyrics. I'm accustomed to finding out about a song from a few lyrics using Google. But I've had absolutely no luck finding hide nor hair of this song.

You can find the most mediocre and unheard of songs on YouTube and through Google. Yet somehow this song, which got fairly regular radio play for a while, is nowhere to be found.

The song starts with the lyrics:

"She was a Jewish girl from Brooklyn,
"Father had an old tattoo,
"Said he got it in the war..."

and later along in the song are the lyrics:

"The dirt between your fingers,
"So much cleaner than New York..."

And that is all I remember of that song. I e-mailed the radio station where I'd heard it, and they sent a reply saying they'd forwarded my e-mail along to the people who'd staffed the radio station back when the song had aired.

The radio station where I heard it was "Mountain FM" in British Columbia. I finally got a reply from some of the people who worked for the radio station. None of them seemed to remember it. One gave me a song title and artist name, which I promptly looked up on YouTube; it was not the song I was looking for.