New Features [May 18, 2018]

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As of May 13, 2018 there are is a new feature for Collections:

- You can now add Collaborators to your collections, this means that more than one user can add, edit or remove songs from a Collection.

The Proofreading button has been moved from the top right column and can now be found right above the Thanks button.

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As of May 18, 2018 you can now add "Related" to an artist's page. For example, if the lead singer or member of a band/group worked on a solo project or participated as a member of a Supergroup, it can be added on the band/group's page.


The following has been added to the band page Delain that will now link to the lead singer's side project (with other members of different bands) (scroll all the way to the bottom, this will now appear right above add new song | add new translation | add new request).

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