[Question] What is a Paging Document?

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Hello everyone,

I recently applied for a Lyrics Transcriber position and got my phone interview yesterday.

During the interview, I was asked if I ever used a Paging document.

I told the interviewer that I've never heard of that but that I will probably have no trouble to find it online.

As you can imagine, I am unable to find what a "Paging Document" is, so I rely on you guys to give me some help...

If any of you could tell me where to look or just explain to me what it is, I'd be really grateful!

Thanks in advance

Cheers from Ireland!

PS: I hope admins don't mind me asking this kind of question, if it's against the rules feel free to delete my post Teeth smile

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Hi. Didn't they say "paginating"? Document pagination? "Paging document" just makes no sense.

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Hi Fantasy!

The thing is I am pretty sure that I've heard "Paging Document"

I asked a couple of people already and no one has ever heard of that, so I assume that I completely misheard...

It might be paginating, but I already know how to do that, so yeah Confused smile

I think I'm going to email the recruiter just to be sure!

Thanks for trying! Teeth smile

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Hey guys,

I finally found out that was I was looking for is "Pages from Apple".

As such, I wanted to ask if any of you ever used it to do lyrics transcription, and could give me tips or advice to do it the best way possible.

Thanks in advance!


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