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Like let's say I translated a song, now there's the reading count on my profile page for each translation
now if I enter a translation of mine multiple times does it get counted once or as much or just never at all since I'm the one who translated it?

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As far as I can tell, the reading count is independent of whoever translated the song. So your views will count the same as anyone else's.

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Last time I tried, I still couldn't buy bread with my views count though Regular smile

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Did you use to have another profile name before? you sound like another P we miss terribly

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Not even a croissant???
Omg smile

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The reading count depends on the URL/translation entry - so each translation's reading count is independent from each other, no matter who added the translation, incremented by one whenever someone opens that URL.

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Why worry about buying bread when your family own a bakery ;D

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