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Hello everyone.
I like Dutch really. And I would like to learn it hard, but I can't find any good resources.
I could find only:
1. - course Dutch in Dutch
2. - course Dutch in English
3. Duo & Memrise
4. Forvo - for pronunciation & audio

What books and other resources do you can recommend?

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Hallo Regular smile When I was learning Dutch, I'd watch and listen to NPO. They have radios and TV channels.

May it be helpful!

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just googled and strangely, covent garden has released no english-dutch picture dictionary. that surprises me. However I downloaded a dutch-english dictionary as a pdf, file size 51MB, and a dutch-english top 1000 frequency wordlist (less than 1MB).

if you want a copy, PM me.

PS: also don't forget

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