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I am considering writing a song I will dedicate to Željko Joksimović. I look for ideas for the song. I want it to have a Balkan influenced melody. I want to have it completed by April 20, Željko Joksimović birthday.

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Oh, well, writing a Balkan influenced song for Željko Joksimović seems to me a little like taking coals to Newcastle...but let's give it a try anyway.

If you're not experienced in songwriting, you might want to start with a very basic Waltz rhythm that you build a nice melody around.

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I am quite new to writing songs.

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Well, I never tried to write a song, but from what I remember my poetics class, I might have some tips/recommendations:

  • Choose the theme of your song. Is it a love song? A song to thank this performer? An eulogy?

    • That is crucial so you can choose the most appropriate words for whichever context.
  • Decide if you're following any metrics rhyme, and which scheme you find most proper: ABBA, ABAB, AABB, etc.
  • Think of how long it will be: one stanza, two stanzas, stanza + pre chorus + chorus + bridge + pre chorus + chorus + stanza, etc.
  • See the words that fit better in the context of the song. If it's a love song, more uplifiting words shall be used.
  • Write a draft and check if you like it.
  • If you, do, its over.

But don't mind if you think it needs to be rewritten once, twice or thrice. That's part of the creative process of pretty much every kind of writing Wink smile
Hope I helped!

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I write songs and also sing them if you want to be inspired then look up on my songs:

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