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Hello everybody,

since I am using the translation of lyrics (and the act of translating, as well) as a learning tool for languages, I was wondering whether there was a way to add glosses of translations, or whether there was some sub-forum per language for that?

For those of you who do not know what a gloss, or what glossing, is, I shall briefly explain. When one glosses a word, or a sentence, one breaks words within the sentence up into their respective morphemes (i.e., smallest meaning-carrying unit in a word), and underneath adds a description of what that morpheme is. An example to illustrate:

This sentence illustrates what glosses are supposed to be.

This   sentence   illustrate-s                     what gloss-es are                suppose-d         to     be.

DEM  sentence   illustrate-3.SG.PRES   REL gloss-PL  be.3PL.SG   suppose-PASS  PT   be.INF

The abbreviations are all standard abbreviations used by the Leipzig Glossing Rules, except for PT, which here stands for particle.
The idea would be to gloss words according to e.g. the Leipzig Glossing rules, or any other standardised glossing system which the glosser chooses to use. It could really help learners to understand the intricate, detailled inner workings of their target language, especially since oftentimes songs cannot (and should not) be translated one-to-one.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

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Not sure how many people would use this, but I would quite appreciate if such a feature was added. Great suggestion!

Currently I don't see a way to add glosses.

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