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Hello LT! This song has lyrics in an imaginary language. When added to the site, which language should be chosen from the language box? Is there such imput?
Generally, which 'language' describes this kind of songs (like songs in gibberish)?
Or should they not be added in the first place because they can not even be translated?

Thank you!

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I think you could choose "Other" from the language list, although it'd be better if someone else could confirm it.

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As far as I know, you should choose "Unknown". Usually people list a translation under "other" for languages that actually exist, but don't have a category on their own and specify in the comments which language it is.

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I had a feeling it was either "Sanomi" or "O Julissi" before I clicked the link. I would put it under "Unknown". If we added an imaginary language category it would probably be better in the long run.

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That's actually a good question.
In general:
If the name of the language is known but it's not in the list, choose "Other". That also includes constructed languages (and possibly even nameless constructed languages if at least the author knows their meaning, dunno).
If you don't know which language it's written in, choose "Unknown".
But here you know that it's in gibberish... we do have some such entries, but I'm not sure whether they are treated homogeneously (probably not). I would tend to "Unknown" as there is no way to translate it.

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One could indeed argue that while the purpose of this site is to translate lyrics, the information that the lyrics are untranslatable also belongs here. Regular smile

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