[SOLVED] A song sung in different languages

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Hi there, can someone tell me how to add two languages in the section language. This song ( is in Hebrew and Arabic. And I would also like to add the transcription but I don't know how to do that either.

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It's currently not possible to add two languages for one song. Unfortunately, you need to choose one.
Concerning the transliteration, the process is the same as adding a translation: press the "add new translation" button, then choose "Transliteration" as a language. When published, it will automatically appear alongside the original source. One thing though: if you "translate" a song from one language into the same language (meaning Hebrew-> Hebrew or Arabic-> Arabic), the system will automatically count it as a transliteration.
Hope this helped you, cheers.

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thank you very much :-)

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Since the question is answered (thanks to DarkJoshua),I mark this as solved.

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