[SOLVED] What to do with a cover? Now there is a duplicate song text.

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A few days ago I added a song text performed by d'Artagnan:
and the translation of it:

Now I see it is actually a cover of:
performed by Bots.

It's not good that there is now a duplicate song text. But how can it be made so that both groups point to this one song text? And my translation by all means can be seen on d'Artagnan's page?


A given translation can only appear on a single song's page, so the only way to make your translation available for both versions would be to publish it again. The only link available between a cover and an original is the "also performed by" field. With enough motivation, I suppose people could eventually locate all translations of a given song Wink smile

Covers are a difficult problem. When the lyrics are exactly the same, they are sometimes handled like mere duplicates, merged along with translations into the original song's page.
However, many covers have slightly different lyrics (to accommodate the singer's gender, for instance). Moving translations around would create discrepancies. There's also the problem of videos and other useful data to consider. You could cram a couple of extra vids or comments into a song's page via the author's comments field, but that would soon become cumbersome.

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It honestly depends on the cover. Some covers that are in different languages from the original should (and are) categorised as being separate songs, as the lyrics are completely different.

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As was already mentioned, it's fine to add cover versions. I added a mention of d'Artagnan in Bots' page so that the pages are linked.

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Some time ago we decided that covers should be accepted. They won't be merged anymore, as it was done earlier. The only problem is that if you want to submit a translation it has to be different than the one of the other version, so it's the same as if covers were merged with the original.

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