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Hello everyone ,
I've been on LyricsTranslate for 1 year and I thought of introducing myself. So, I have just graduated from languages faculty turkish department , i love learning languages and translating ..i can understand Turkish , Arabic , English and italian...
I really like translating songs, because I can practice and learn some new words it helps me a lot. I prefer translating from turkish into Arabic and from Arabic into turkish , i really love this site , i hope find friends here..and i hope support me guys and tell me if my translations are good or no to improve myself i'm new in this field
thank u so much
Greeting From Egypt ......

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Hope you've had a good time here so far and hope you'll stay with us for even longer.
You'll sure find people who can help you boost your language skills, so I wish you all the best. I don't know much Turkish, but if you need any help with Italian, just send me a message and I'll be more than glad to help you.
Be safe and have a good day.

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Hi. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay around. Turkish is just like my mother tongue, so if you ever need help, you may come to me. Regular smile

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Hello Marwa. I live in California, USA. I can only speak English, but if you have a question regarding the meaning of a phrase or idiomatic expression, or if you need a second set of ears to listen to a phrase, I am happy to help.

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Ohhh thank you so much all

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