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what a wonderful website Regular smile
I'm an Israeli student, I speak Hebrew, know English, study Arabic and really like Persian music (that's how I found this website).
But I always like to meet new songs and languages, so please, if you can welcome me with one song in your native language (it doesn't have to be your favorite - just one song that popped into your head while reading this) - I'd like that.

Thanks, and have a lovely day~

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Welcome to lyricstranslate!
I am from Sweden and I know English, Swedish, French and a tiny tiny bit of Hebrew. I also love Persian music just like you! I have tons of songs I could mention to you in Persian.
Here is my welcome song to you Regular smile
It's one of my favourite songs. I will be trying to translate it as soon as I can find the lyrics.

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Hi! Welcome to LT. We hope you'll enjoy around. Well, I'm from Azerbaijan, so my native is Azerbaijani. I speak Turkish and English fluently, I've studied Russian (my Russian isn't great...).
Here's one song in my native:
I couldn't remember which song was my favorite, though.


Have a look at the FAQ section here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/faq
You will discover how things are done here and it will help you with things you might want to do on the website (if, for example you want to make a translation or transcription request).

Wish you a pleasant stay!

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Welcome to the community:))
I'm brazilian, native of portuguese, I can speak english and understand some of latin languages
I'll break the rules a little bit and show you two songs, the second one being more folk and specific from my region of the country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wegmGMUunk

Wish you the best!

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ZinnerNotZaint ,wow, this song is different than everything i've heard before, thank you.
And I really want to hear those Persian songs... thank you!
(if there's something I could help you with hebrew, you're always welcome)

I see that it's clumsy to answer each comment in seperate, so I'll replay here:
thank you for the warm welcomming!
taddy26 , thank you, that's the first song I hear in Azerbaijani , it's really interesting.
Pääsuke , thank you, I read it, and i'll keep it.

jana.dntpls , breaking the rules is always a good idea.. ;-) kidding, but I glad you shared 2 songs - and liked the second more than the first!

Fantasy , thank you for the comment. I keep those links for the weekend, because I want to hear them carefully Regular smile

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You're welcome! Did you like my language? Lol.

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