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I am a new translator , and I would like you to vote on my translation to see if it is good or should I improve it ? I translated from English and Italian to Arabic and from English To Italian !

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Hi. The new voting system only allows users who know both target (translation) and source (original song) languages. There are several Italian and English speakers around (me included, but I don't think I'm qualified enough in Italian to judge the quality of a translation into it). There are also several users who know both English and Arabic. I just haven't known anyone who knows both Arabic and English.

If your translation hasn't been voted yet, then it's likely that no user who knows both languages has found it - it's difficult to say why people vote.

Please wait, votes should come naturally. If not, you can rely on users's comments to improve yourself.

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Hello, although there is nothing against the rules for what you're asking, there are rules in place to make sure only users who speak either the source language or target language of your translation can make those votes. If you want to improve or want suggestions/corrections, make sure you select Request proofreading on the top right side of your translation.

Another option would be to ask in the forums for any further assistance if you need it. Don't ask users to vote for your translations, it only encourages trolls and spammers, I'm assuming you want genuine votes.

Because this thread is more of a request than actual help, it has been closed.

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