New here, looking forward to meeting you all :D

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Hello! I've just discovered this site 'accidentally' I might say, but currently I am having tons of fun translating on it.
I think it's a great learning experience.
I'm currently fluent in Romanian and English and I'm studying Japanese on my own ^^
I am so, SO happy to see a place where people ask for Romanian translations. I love my language and it's been a great way to learn new words.

I hope all of you have a nice day ^^!

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Hi and welcome to LT! If you ever need help with Persian, I'm your guy!

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Welcome  Regular smile I hope your time here is a blessing to you and others.

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Welcome, and may you enjoy LT.

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Welcome to LT!


Welcome, sweety! Teeth smile

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Bună și bunvenit!! Have fun here at LT Teeth smile

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Welcome to the community.

Please take some time reading our Rules and our FAQ.

If you have any questions, you can ask on the forums or a Mod (you can find those who know the same languages as you here) via PM.


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Hello and welcome! It's always nice to have a new translator aboard the LT ship.

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Welcome! I discovered this site last year and I must say translating is so fun!

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