I translate Turkish Serials Cesur ve Güzel / Brave and Beautiful (Turkish Seriasl/Dizi)

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Hey everyone who is in love with turkish Serials!

As I have seen alot of international love for turkish serials, especially this new serial Brave and Beautiful, I as a native turk offer translations. So if you have any scene that you would like to be translated into german or english, feel free to message me. I would be glad to help you guys.

Have a nice day Regular smile

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I hate Turkish serials :bigsmile: good luck my friend but i can't help.

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Hi hope4ever, I watched the first 2 episodes of Cesur ve Güzel and now I'm addicted! Sadly, I can't find more than 2 episodes that have english subtitles. :'( Do you know where I could find all the episodes with subtitles? I would love to keep watching this series, it's so fun to watch! Thank you for any help you can give me. Regular smile

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Hi Hope4ever,
Can you able to share me the English subtitles of Cesur ve Güzel from episode 3 onwards.

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how do get translations for the Turkish series? I am addicted to the series, thank you

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Do you still translate serials? I would like to work on a project with you! Regular smile

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What do i have to do to request subtitles for this amazing series, Cesur ve Guzel. As everyone else has expressed, i was hooked on it within the first 20 mins. really beautiful story so far but cannot find a subtitled version of this series. could you perhaps translate it into english for me. i would be eternally grateful. look forward to a response.

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