Crotch on fire?

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Hey there!

I was reading the lyrics to a song when I encountered this sentence:
"股座に火をつけて 囚われ姫の元へ"
I kinda understand what it means... Kinda.
Apparently またぐら means "crotch", so... The singer's crotch is on fire? As in, something/someone lit it on fire, quite literally (probably not)? Or is it something more... explicit?
Or is 股座に火をつける some sort of expression? Maybe it means that the singer is determined to go where the damsel in distress is?
That's not all... The writer of the song stated in an interview that "he had fun making puns", so... Is it actually a pun?
Thanks in advance!

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My Japanese is rudimentary at best, but I'm 85% sure that it means the singer's crotch is "on fire" because of the attraction he feels towards another individual.

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crimsonDyname is right. It doesn't really make sense in English to translate it literally. but like he's just super attracted to someone or something, and you know the rest..... biological attraction and all that jazz

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"My loins burn" Regular smile

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Thank you all for the answers!
I was thinking of that too, but the song's one big mess, so... It's better to be sure =D

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Yeah, what Gavin said was what I meant. My English is good, I promise, I just overexplain things sometimes Teeth smile

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Sounds just like "Sex on Fire" by Kings Of Leon.

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