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I looked up for the meaning of this "declension" but I didn't find any material about it. So I'd like to ask If someone knows the meaning of the declension えど in some verbs like 逝けど and 戻れど in this text lyrics:

Please, I would be much appreciated If you can help me to figure out this meaning.


My Japanese is pretty much non-existent, but I found some leads there.
Just to kill time waiting for a native to give you a better explanation:


ゆけど 戻れど すれば

that えど is -e +do-mo ("but/though") 古語 接続已然形
this line has incorrect grammer, like the lyrics sometimes do. "すれば" should be removed (actually this すれば sounds weird to native ears as it means 行っても 戻っても したら)

this line, in that song, means
(私が/私は) 行ったり 戻ったり する けれども

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