[SOLVED] [CLOSED] Koi no Yarikuri lyrics by Aru Takamura

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I am looking to translate Aru Takamura's Koi no Yarikuri into English but I do not have a physical copy of the lyrics, making me assume that there is no copy of them on the internet. I have searched both in English and Japanese for them but cannot find them. Thus, if you or anyone knows someone who is able to write down *IN JAPANESE* the lyrics after listening to the song, or maybe might know someone who has access to them, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!!


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Hello! Please, request the lyrics on the "lyrics transcription requests" section before opening a topic on the forum:
You may want to read our F.A.Q. for more information on this and other topics:

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Hi. As Anna mentioned, please make a transcription request and then after someone fulfills your request you can translate it (or request for a translation, too).
This might be helpfull:
By the way, do not forget to look through our website rules:

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