[SOLVED] Moto kara (元から) explanation and translation help needed

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Hello all, I'm here with another explanation request (what a surprise Teeth smile ). This bit is from Lareine's Emeraude. The second line is easy to understand, but I'm not sure how it connects to the preceding one. As for the third and fourth, I'm confused about the 元から (moto kara). Since 元 means origin, I thought a possible translation could be “from where I am standing”, but I might as well be wrong. Also, I'm not sure if the singer is referring to himself or the other person (i.e. who is inviting whom).
Could someone please offer me some insight? Thanks in advance!


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I'd say 元から is referring to the singer (because of the 僕) and agree that “from where I am standing” could be a suitable translation for that bit.
Could be wrong, though *unknw*

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In this case, 元 simply refers to location. So 僕の元からbasically just means "from me" or "from where I am." So the 3rd and 4th lines together mean that the sea is leading or inviting you away from me/my side.

EDIT: For the 1st and 2nd lines, they connect in a more subtle way. In this case, 聞く means to ask (I guess it could maybe mean to hear as well). Since he doesn't ask, the sound of blowing wind is the only thing there is.

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君の旅のわけ何も聞かず Without asking why you've set sail
風は吹いている The wind keeps blowing
海に誘われて僕の元から Enticed away from me by the sea
君は消えて逝く You're going out of sight

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