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There is this anime song I used to listen to about 5-10 years ago. I cannot remember its name but I know it came from an anime. The singer was female with an anime-ish voice; somewhat high pitched. The song is fast paced, probably about romance.
I don't know Japanese, so I will state what it sounded like.
I remember clearly the song contains these words:
darenimo...otome (maybe "dame")...kokoro
Suki dakara...Imawa...

I can't remember much else.

Please help me find it, thank you.

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What is the anime name?

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Can you give information about that anime? (characters, genre, anything)
Where did you watch it?
Any additional information is welcome.

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AK.ThePunisher wrote:

What is the anime name?

Oh man, if I could remember the name of the anime, I could've found it. Sadly, I can't :|.
It's probably a romance anime.

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i thiink this matchs your description; yui - ready to love:

but there are so many songs with those lyrics...

or was it gundam wing? make my way song has that lyrics but i couldnt find the song.

i think you should be more specific... and some japanese should help you Regular smile

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It's gonna be tough. Those lyrics are very generic and can fit in most any song. Plus there are a lot of upbeat pop songs sung by female artists/groups. Do you at least remember if it was a popular show or one that was more obscure?

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Candy Candy?

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