What does this actually say?

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Hey there!
I was trying to transliterate a song when I found this bit: "伝わる鼓動と 奏でてる演奏".
Now, I'd normally transliterate it as "Tsutawaru kodou to kanadeteru ensou", but the thing is... That's not what the song actually says.

It's in 1:44 approximately.
Here's the whole fragment for context:

"響く旋律は さようならの合図
伝わる鼓動と 奏でてる演奏"

The writer sometimes plays around with different readings, but I don't really see how that could come into play here. Maybe the lyrics I found could be wrong. In that case, the best I could come up with is ハーモニー but that's probably not it.
Does anyone have any idea of what it may actually say? I don't have the booklet to check...

EDIT: After a bit of digging I found out that 演 could be read as だ (like in 演し物), which could (maybe) work in this case; however, the 奏 is still a mystery...

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I'm neither native japanese nor english speaker. but, AFAIK.. 奏で (かなで) means "to play" and 演奏 means "performance (of music)". Japanese words can be read in any way the writer (or reader) intended (especially in names), so it is not very weird to be read as "ハーモニー". It also sounds like "ハーモニー" to me.

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After a bit of digging, I finally managed to find an entry containing the fragment in the band's official lyrics bot account and confirmed that it is, indeed, ハーモニー. I was hesitant at first because they don't usually include anglicisms in their lyrics, not even as alternative readings, but now we've got a solid source.
Thank you for the help either way! Teeth smile

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