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Anybody have any ideas on which or what websites (free websites not for businesses) I could use for Finnish to English translations? I would to help a website with some better English translations but so far I keep finding Finnish to English websites that seem to have used Google Translate (which really messed up the English translation of it) as their "translation source". I'd like to translate Finnish song lyrics into English. I REALLY do NOT want to use (or keep using) Google Translate either. I'm sure there is a better website.

Here are the Finnish lyrics I am working with now:

Alku kaikessa vaikeinta on
Yksin eksyt vain, siis oot onneton
Mut kaikkee silti tehdä voit
Esiin voimas kaikille kun sä toit
Olet mustavalkoinen
Sydämesi kertoo sen
Ei voitot ne onnee luo, sen tää polku tuo
Siis matka alkakoon

And as of right now here is the English translation that I'm not sure where the person found it at:

The start is always the hardest part of everything
You'll get lost alone
Thus making you unhappy
But still there's nothing you can't do
'Cause you've brought out the power inside of you for everyone
You're black and white
Your heart will tell you that
Wins won't bring you happiness, it's the road you travel
So let the journey begin


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Well, the main purpose of this website is to provide translations of songs made by translators.
The concept is that you should make the translation yourself or, if you aren't able to translate a song, you should make a translation request so that someone provides the translation.

As clearly stated in the websites rules, automatic translations made via Google Translate or the like are not allowed and any user who posts any may be banned.

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Connect with others Finnish natives , and if need of help maybe someone will help Some people have good hearts here and some help others...If you don t find help in the first place just move furhter ....Not all are the same some people just forget about helping and about their start , still there are plenty that helps ..

About GT transl they are forbiden a mockery towards music towards others from this comunity ... towards morality etc... That s why there are many option like transcription req , transl req etc...Use them

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I agree about GT but I just wanted to compare the "different" translations. I wasn't going to use the GT translation though... But thank you so much!

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Yes I know that about Google Translate that was why I said I did NOT want to use it. Some of the websites that had Finnish to English translations had also used Google Translate as THEIR English translation source (another used Microsoft). All I was doing was trying to figure out where the websites had gotten their "translations" from.

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Btw. would you mind fixing the mishap that occurred here?
You just have a copy-paste to do, and it would be better if you fixed it yourself than let a moderator do the job.

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Yeah I was going to fix it myself I was just waiting for the error messages on this site to go away

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