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I have transcribed these songs, but all of them are missing a word or two, so help would be appreciated. It's of course possible that I have gotten something else wrong as well, so feel free to point out those parts if you notice them.

1. (2:10 in the video)
"Kerran ???
Eikö päästäisi kovempaan
Mut konttari tuumaili piästäisiin kyllä,
Mut junnaa ei jättää saa"

2. (1:50 in the video)
"Vaik yheks yöks se haluiski sitoo mut
Se ??? mahdollinen sitoomus"

3. (2:24 in the video)
"Kirkon sukupuut pilkkoo, sopukoira(?) millon puruluu King Kongin jalast"

4. (the video on Youtube isn't available anymore, but the song can be found on Spotify at least)
There are three lines which are missing something, I have marked them in the lyrics.

I have almost finished the transcription request, but there are a couple of parts I can't figure out. My transcription is in the comments.

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2. Se pisin mahdollinen sitoomus?

3. ei saa selvää, mutta säkeen alku on kyllä "kirkko sukupuut..."

4. video is not available

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Thank you, your suggestions for 2 & 3 sound correct. And it seems like there's no video for 4 on Youtube anymore... But it's on Spotify at least.

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