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Hallo! :) Three months ago, I posted some requests to transcript songs from a Norwegian song contest. The forum says I could make a post if some requests haven't been completed after some time, so I thought I could post this :P There are many songs, so sorry in advance ^^" Thank you!

  1. B. M. Fordomsfri
  2. Gi meg fri
  3. Vims
  4. Shake
  5. Juksemaker Pipelort
  6. Skitur
  7. Veslefrikk
  8. Eventyr
  9. Friaren
  10. Med lokk og lur
  11. La meg sove
  12. Jeg har en øy
  13. Jenteord
  14. Bare det aller, aller beste
  15. Sangen om den flygende Hollender
  16. Lørdagstripp
  17. Viddu ha tjangs
  18. Om du går på en strand

Thank you again!
PS: As an 'interesting' fact, these songs took part in the Melodi Grand Prix, the contest by which Norway chooses its song/singer for the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place just yesterday! Tongue smile