Feature Request: Improving large collections

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Hi there!
I've already posted this comment in the forum topic "Collections", but no one seems to have noticed yet. Now, I creat this new topic, because I think there might be some more users having the same problems like me:

In one of my collections, I've already got 50+ items. Now, when trying to edit it or add even just one single new item, that doesn't work because it always says: "Could not load site." I guess, one of the reasons is that the site has to recount all the items that are already on the list...

My suggestions:
Autosaving (like in songs/translations/comments); separating into several pages (like here in the forum topics when there are multiple entries); hiding all items that had been added earlier (like when translating a song, you don't see the other translations)

I'm not sure if any of my suggestions could work, but I'd be glad to get a response.

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We've made some adjustments for large collections. So, if your collection contains 30+ items, it won't be sortable by drag-and-drop, but "Sort" option will appear next to the "Edit" tab. It will make editing faster.

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