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I understand this feature shows the songs/translations that received
the most "Tank you!" credits within the last 30 days.
Is that right?
I had transcribed + added a song 30 days ago and by now it has collected 13 "Thank you's" by visitors mostly.
Nevertheless it is not shown in our feature "Most thanked content", although the lowest rated songs/translations there have only 7 "times thanked".
Why is that so?


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I think it would count guest as 1 so you have total 4 thanks?

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That can't be the way they count.
Why would 10 visitor's thanks equal one user's thanks?
If you look at the currently top ranked translation,
it has visitor's thanks only, if the last 30 days count.

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This is a pure supposition, but by looking at some very week translations that had huge guest thanks, while better versions had minimal thanks, I suspect not everyone played by the rules.

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See, what I am suspecting is that there is some bug around again.
That's why I wrote.
I don't really care for the amount of thanks I get.

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"Most Thanked Content" shows data for the last week by default. If you choose "Month", you'll see your song in the list

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