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my last three translations have got only a few views each, all of which are by myself, which is rather strange since translations always had recieved at least 70-80 views in the first half an hour or so. Is this a bug?


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Maybe your translations weren't read/accessed yet. Just wait, views will come. Regular smile

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I did wait at leats some 20 minutes after the last one, and the third one was posted 2 months ago lol.

Not that I mind, I just find it suspicious that literally no one reads them when that never happened before.

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You get 70-80 views in half an hour? Some of my 3 month old translations have 5 views total. I guess equirhythmic rhymed translations of classical poetry I often post are a pointless exercise from the viewpoint of the majority of the LT crowd.


Internet is a crowd of a couple billions individuals, which does not bode well for its averaged IQ Regular smile

It's just a matter of how popular the song/poem is. Unsurprisingly, the most moronic and lurid planetary hits reap the best part of thanks and likes and views, while more elaborate texts that would require a few minutes of attention simply get ignored.

I'm not sure I like this views counter.
Certainly useful to sell advertising, but I doubt it does much good to the translators themselves.
Rather points out more blatantly how their unpaid work is turned into profits.

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I'm pretty sure the vast majority of them are just people randomly clicking on them when they appear in the "new translations" section that then realize after two seconds that they don't even know why they even cliked lol. I find myself often opening translations in languages I don't speak a word of for no reason too Teeth smile

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