Open a Discord Server for LyricsTranslate

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It will be a very nice idea, I know this is not something for everyone, it's meant to be for "Gamers" but yet, some of us game and have it already. And regardless, it's just a messenger and it's very comfortable to use and get into.

Using this, we can practice our communication skills, make more friends from this community, and overall become closer together. And of course, have fun. I can administrate the Discord. I just need the agreement of the moderators and the administrators here. They are welcome to join, and respectively will be given their ranks on the server.

Come on, just a simple "yes" can make us all have fun. Regular smile

I also need votes from the community. Hiya guys, it'll be fun.

George S Vassilev

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It could be a quite nice way to get to know the people around here on LT and/or exchange opinions on translations. It definitely gets my vote if it's managed and ran well.


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You can make your own discord and link it here, I don't think there's a rule against it

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A Discord would be so fantastic! You definitely have my vote for this.

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Alright, seems people like my idea, here it is:

It's not completely done but I am impatient. Enjoy the server, it will be completely done by 14 days from now, because I have to prepare my machines for hosting bots.

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Embarrassed smile hii George you're the best, great idea!!!

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I don't know how to send my profile link to the admin...

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Just find me, I am Suzerain on the server, then send me a Direct Message. I have Open DMs.

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I LOVE Discord so I already signed in the server Regular smile

Hope more people will come.

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Hi, there! I really find this idea interesting, but what exactly is a Discord Server?

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It's a server/guild made in the application called Discord. Just join it. It's like a messenger, it has Text and Voice channels. Also allows bots. You will like it.

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