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Hello everyone!

I'm new on lyricstranslate and I like to translate songs in order that they match rhyme and rhytmus of the original song. In order to do this, sometime it is necessary to translate "more freely", if you know what I mean...
Is it possible to do so? Of course I will clarify in the author's comment that they are "rhyme and rhytmus-matching" translation. It's very beautiful to listen to a song in its original language, but it would be nice if someone would sing that song in its own language.

Thank you

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As long as the translation doesn't stray too far from the meaning of the original lyrics, it's perfectly acceptable to translate with rhyme and rhythm of the original song.

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Hello, Loyiniveg,
Of course you are free to be "freely", as a matter of fact, translating word by word, doesn't give good results;
Read our rules and regulations and, please, complete your profile so that we will know a little more about you.

Welcome, and happy staying!

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Hi, Loyiniveg,
Now you can add translations of different kinds. Take a look here:

Welcome to the community.

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