Video playback bug in split screen mode

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Description: Upon "snapping" (a.k.a the "split screen" function) a song page to the side of the desktop, a duplicate instance of the video of the song is presented to the user. If the user has started the playback of the video in the maximized window, one can still hear the video playing. The other video which is present under the lyrics is however not playing. One can click on that video, which results in both videos playing.

Tested on Firefox Quantum, Vivaldi & Chrome. NB! This bug does affect the "translations" view of a song.


If any mods are reading this: I've informed the admins already so you don't have to. I made this thread to see if other users have the same problem, but I accidentally deleted that piece of information from the original post. I'm pretty sure this affects everyone (on PC and Mac, with the exception of devices that do not support the split screen function) and now we'll only have to wait for it to be fixed. But it's not a serious bug in terms of usability.

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