[SOLVED] Can Any Ukrainians Translate This Song Into English Please?

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Hi Everyone! I've Been Looking All Over The Internet For A Translation To This Song And I Can't Find It Anywhere, I'd Love To Know What It Means! I've Put The Link To The Song At The Bottom Of The Page Here… Can You Type It In The Cyrillic Alphabet Please And The English Beside It?

Thanks A Million To Anyone Who Does This For Me!

The Song Is Stelsi - CCCP (USSR)

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Go to:
1. Actions (run your mouse pointer over it, top left side of page)
2. Request a translations (click on the option from the pull-down menu)
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I've Tried This And It Won't Let Me Post Unless I Have The Lyrics, Witch I Don't, Thanks Anyway! :-)

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If the lyrics are already here, just request a translation. If they're not, open a transcription request for them here:

And after it's complete (lyrics are provided), add the translation request.

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