Could I request a song translation that I composed myself?

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Greetings. I composed two songs by myself with English.

Could I request the translation these songs to Russian?

I'm learning Russian now but not enough yet to translate this

I will really thankful for you who would do this


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First you'll need to post the original song then you can request a translation in whatever language you want.

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Time flies like an eagle
Everything pass away
As if they don't care.

But memory never fades
Like deep blue sea
It becomes deaper and deaper
Like blightly shining sun
It becomes brighter and brighter

Thousands of hairs
They are cheering
Like fairies of the tale
They are dancing
Like beautiful ballet dancers.

Glittering eyes
They embrace everything.
Like a calm blue sea
They whispering peace
Like thousands of free doves

Red cherry lips
They blooming like red rose
Like a dancer in flames of passion
They smiling brightely
Like passion of the south lady I'm watching you now.
Even far and far distance cannot hide.
Your streaming hairs
Your shining smile.
Your glittering eyes.
Oh.....lady I'm watching rising sun now.

Wandering in dream of reality
Am I awaking or sleeping
Everything I thought till now
Are gone into the mist

Since I knew her....
Since I knew her........

In the morning clock tells 'wake up you have to go to work'
Checking message, but she didn't replied
Maybe she is deeply sleeping
I wander what she is dreaming

Beautiful woman...
Beautiful woman........

At the office, I cannot throw her away from my head
I see her beautiful hair, smile
Her beatiful lips are opening
Sadly I cannot listen anything

God please help me...
Let me listen her voice........

Back home I cook dinner and think
What would she likes. She is eating lunch by now
While I'm eating dinner, I can see she is smiling in front of me.
Soon she disappears and empty dining table remains

I remember her smile.....
Hope I could see her again.......

Time passed and it is 12 o'clock
Lying on the bed and turn on the messanger with pounding heart.
But she didn't checked my message.
I wait her with hope

What are you doing now....
I wanna stand by you.......

Finally she checked my message.
But she logged out without reply
Ah.....beautiful is sad....
But it is already midnight so I have to sleep

To see you in my dream...
To see you in my dream......

Clock don't ring. Let me fall in dream
Let me Dance with her and kiss on her hand.
But sadly, you will ring again
So that I fall in meet her

The lady, took away my heart in a moment...
It is you. My beautiful angel.....

These are songs I composed.

I hope someone could translate these to Russian.

I'm practicing song composing now.

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Hi, @Suvovoda!
Welcome to LT!

As mentioned by MichaelNa, you can request a translation in whatever language you want; you can even add these lyrics to LT adding it in a "New artist profile" (Please read the 2.1 How do I add a song text?), and later, request a translation in "Add new request". (if you'd like)

But, If you want to use the translations, you should first ask the translators for permission (Please read the Copyrights).

Please read our Website Rules and FAQ

Best regards!

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In addition to the above, it will be great to know what kind of translations are required: literal or poetic/singable.

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