[SOLVED] Please help correct original Croatian lyrics (just a few lines)

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This is the song (with the video):

After listening to the video, I've realized some lines aren't right.
I tried to find different lyrics but only several websites have lyrics to this song, and all of them have this wrong version.
I will write "(!)" next to the lines I realized or suspect aren't right, and write in brackets what I've managed to correct on my own.

Grad je mrtav
gledam hladne ulice
kiša pada
tako mračno je sve

Sama sam
izgubljena u mislima
zima, zima, zima, zima (correct: sivo-siva, sivo-siva)
jesen je tu

Prazan san (correct: prazan stan?)
velikim ogromnim zidovima (!)
osmijeh njen
ne želim probuditi se iz sna

Hladno je
njoj Sunce u očima sja (!)
zima, zima (correct: sivo-siva, sivo-siva)
jesen je tu

Naša ulica gdje Beograd skriva (!)
maglicu sna (!)
jutrom je sa izloga (!)
san je moj

Ne želim da stojim
u redovima
hoću barem malo
američkog sna

Thank you! Regular smile

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Lemme try, some words are so weirdly pronounce that it's hard to get it correct haha:

1) you're right about it
2) this too
3) it sounds like "velik' ko grom na zidovima"
4) "njeno sunce u očima sja"

And the rest is OK I think. I've never heard of this song before tbh haha and I hope I helped

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Another user helped in the comments under the original text, and he made the same suggestions (plus a few more for the rest of the text), so this just confirms it, then. Regular smile Thank you! The text is now corrected. Regular smile

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