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Hi, everyone.
It's really not related to songs, but I stumbled upon this line in the third chapter of "The Brothers Karamazov" by Dostoyevsky, and I was wondering if anyone who knows the language would be so kind to give me the original quote in Russian.

"There is no sin, and there can be no sin on all the earth, which the Lord will not forgive to the truly repentant! Man cannot commit a sin so great as to exhaust the infinite love of God".

Thanks in advance.

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>Да и греха такого нет и не может быть на всей земле, какого бы не простил господь воистину кающемуся. Да и совершить не может совсем такого греха великого человек, который бы истощил бесконечную божью любовь.

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спасибо Regular smile

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