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I'm new in this website, I'm a native Portuguese speaker and I'm fluent in English, and one of my goals here is to gain some practice in Russian, as my understanding of it is still quite bad, especially in grammar and vocabulary (pronunciation is reasonable and I can read Cyrillic). So I'd appreciate if someone could recommend me some songs/artists in Russian, about anything, except political propaganda (patriotic songs are fine however) or ridiculously lame love songs; they should not be overtly complex as my Russian is still very elementary.
Thank you.

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Hi, galineu (or should I say 'bem vindo'?)! Welcome to our community.

You can find a list of all songs in Russian here >
A list of all artists that have at least a song in Russian here >
And a list of all artists that come from Russia here >

Honestly, I just know Tatu, so this is all I can suggest.

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I'll add Bulat Okudzhava for Russian chanson. A few of his songs are quite easy to understand, but most use a rather refined vocabulary.
You could try this or this or this, and if you like him there are plenty more.

Vyssotsky is certainly the greatest bard in Russia, but his lyrics are not easy to understand. Some are stunningly beautiful though.

Piknik is a very good rock band, but their lyrics are often somewhat obscure. You might want to try this one maybe?

Yuri Entin wrote very good children songs. Some are quite beautiful, and the vocabulary is relatively simple. This one, for instance.

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how could i forget yuri entin *facepalm*...

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I'd go with the music of Sergey Lazarev. His music tends to have strong lyrics and a good beat.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!

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I really like Serebro, Tayanna, Elena Temnikova, Egor Kreed, Vremya i Steklo and Sergey Lazarev. They all have different styles so I think you'll easily find something that matches your taste. Wink smile

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