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I got often problems with people who won't understand me or can't understand me so I want to suggest a Button that mutes the one or blocks the one so that the one isn't seen anymore for this special person I don't only speak for myself I also heard it from other people who got similar problems and such a button would be a solution in my opinion

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I agree, this would be a great addition to the website.

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I'd rather live in a land where bears know how to behave than surround myself with bear traps.

For now people who misbehave have to be dealt with the old fashioned way: discussion and punishment if they really can't be brought to reason.

If we start dismissing incivil behaviours with a simple click, we devolve to a collection of individuals allowed to filter out anything they don't fancy.

That would change LT radically, and for the worse, in my opinion.

Besides, ignoring someone is one serious act of psychological violence. That's not what I would call a convenience feature.

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Allowing someone to filter out individuals doesn't remove the opportunity to punish the person for their rule-breaking behaviour though. Everyone else and mods would still be able to see the comments. And in fact, for many people, it's a psychological benefit to be able to mute another user. Most people wouldn't be using such a button left, right and center IMO, but it'd be nice to have the option in extreme cases.

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And that's what I have often to be honest recently with Flopsi she started the whole thing after I just said my opinion

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I think we are mostly grown ups here and should endeavor to talk thru issues not mute each other. I recently had a member block me and I made sure to get thru and explain that some misunderstanding took place. I am happy to have been to clarify this as I value this person. Don't forget that we write not speak, thus, some comments sometimes take the undertone we choose rather than what was meant. In some instances, we are just not as funny or clever to others as we are to ourselves. I loved sr. Mark? quote that he wishes "less smart mouths" or something like it, but sometimes smart mouths bring much needed relief. Sometimes, we welcome corrections, sometimes we are insulted - all individual choices, all moods, all trials of a particular day. Some bickering is fantastically funny.

I vote for respectfully and kindly talking to each other. Agree to disagree. Clear up negative and offending comments.
LT has been a great outlet for many so let's keep it this way.

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Dude how should I be correct if there are people who I can't be correct to cause they annoy me and bother me over and over again there must be a solution that's why I suggested this option and how I said in this main Topic posting there are many other people who also got in such a situation and wished to have a block/mute button to get rid of such people

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You can block people from sending you PM's, but not prohibit them from commenting your submissions.

If you feel you're being harassed by someone, let Mods know, so we can act.

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Alma I see you are Moderator and I think a good one aswell or better I guess that and well I hope that you sometimes look for these people and yeah Idk what kind of status Flopsi is having on this site but she is not really nice in one comment block could you please talk to her cause I was a bit upset after that

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You stepped on my toes just as well. I had two requests for The Glove - I put a lot of time in there to listen to those lyrics and you just came along and wrote "I could copy the whole Lyrics from the Requester cause i heard the same and i were a Studio Headphone so the Lyrics was already correct". Well, thank you, but I'm still wondering about the questionmarks I put in there to be filled... So I didn't bother with any other requests.

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Please avoid taking issues to the public eye - it's better to talk to a Mod privately via PM. I don't know what exactly happened as I have been away from LT recently, but from what I've seen, nothing regarding a possible attack/harassment on any user against you was reported. That said, I can't (and I won't) take any actions against anyone.

If you mean the problematic request (someone opened a third request when the song had already been translated twice by you), I don't speak German (so I had to rely on GT to understand that), but in my humble opinion, her saying 'your's no good!' is actually a reply to the requester's comment (who wants a translation in 'adequate English poetic vocabulary and syntax') and your asking why she wanted a new translation. Again, as I don't know German enough, I don't feel like I'd do a good job if I acted, so I'll ask for the opinions of German speaking Mods on the matter.

As I know you for quite a long time, let me ask you once again to avoid taking things too personally. Comments are meant to be helpful criticism, don't take them as personal offenses or attacks.

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I wear headphones yeah thats right

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I'm native German and I know what to do but that he opened another request a third one that hurts me quite alot and that Flopsi now broke in in my Post thats offensive enough

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The reality of the world is that people sometimes tell us what we don't want to hear. This affords us the opportunity for growth as a byproduct of our efforts here. This website is a cyber community with all of the quirks of one. A mute button would be wonderous to filter what each person would like or not. But the temporal world is not that way. Society flourishes with communication.
Unfortunately to govern each person's behavior requires external intervention (critiques from others).

This cyber world sometimes is derogatory to true human intervention and responsibilities. I can say through interventions with users that courtesies must always be observed both for the giver and the receiver. Respect is mutual. That means that swearing or yelling is not a key to resolution. What is said or done in a temper will only destroy one's self, and may force negative results.

Moderators are there to keep negative communications in check. Moderators have spoken to involved users on this manner. If a user has a problem then give the moderator the link so that it can be reviewed. Remember that the welfare of the site, and other users must be weighed in decisions made.

If there are any problems that a user cannot deal with then moderators are there to coach them or to bring a resolution. The growth part is when the user develops coping skills and communications based on patience and respect. Basically if you don't want to hear it, neither do they. In the workplace it is essential to be able to socialize openly with coworkers and the boss to fulfill the mission of the organization. Life's hard. This a tool that may bring short term frustration, but for the long term...understanding.

A user should in a friendly manner resolve the problem, If the input in comments is percieved negative then give it time to cool down and think about it. Accelerating hostilities is a path of dismay. Keep in mind also earnest efforts in translations are important. The use of Google Translate (especially for a native speaker) merits comments. Putting forth maximum effort may serve to minimize critical comments as well.

The PM communication channel is always open. It affords a user confidentiality and intimacy. It is the closest thing here to face-to-face communication. If there is a problem that is unresolvable to a user it is a tool to allow moderators to be aware of an issue(s).

Comments should always be courteous and respectful. Affording options, using 'please' and 'thank you' cost nothing. There are many opportunities to learn life useful lessons here. The PM, or forum system is best for topics that do not relate directly to the translation or song. This minimizes ongoing notifications that may become wearisome to the user who is receiving critical comments.

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