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Hi everyone :-)

So I found a song on a Turkish learning site. The song was called 'Yolda - Yol.' I was able to translate most of it, but I would prefer to have a clear translation so I can understand it 100%
(I tried using Google Translate... but I don't know why I tried. It's rubbish lol)

I was gonna put this onto the "Request a translation" part but I don't actually know the name of the writer of the song. All I have is 'Yolda - Yol.'

If anyone could translate this song and message me or reply to this somehow, that'd be great :-) Thank you

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You can add the song into 'Unknown Artist (Turkish)'. When we have info about its performers, it will be added.

Then you can ask for a translation or add it yourself if you know both languages.

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Hi. I have not heard that song, could you send me a link to the song so that I can add the lyrics if possible?

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Is this the song?

If it is, here are the lyrics and the translation:

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Hi, greetings from Turkey :-) this song is likely anonymous. It means you must write the writer part "anonym"

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It's not anonymous actually. "Yolda" is the band who performs the song. Page that "thesecaat" mentioned is legit.

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oohhh nice song !!

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Oh, sorry. Thanks for fixing me >.

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